The Major Issues and Theology Foundation (MIAT) was established in 2001 to promote productive public discussion within the Australian community on major issues of moral, ethical, theological and social significance in a way that will initiate appropriate action. The MIAT believe that theology can make a valuable contribution to the handling of issues in our society. It is committed to considering all points of view and wishes to enhance its outlook by examining various theologies and philosophies. Nevertheless the MIAT accepts the Judeo-Christian theology as the soil from which much Western thought has sprung and from which the moral and ethical values of our society have evolved.

The MIAT therefore retains this theology as a basis for its deliberations. However within this basic framework it does not have a specific theological orientation nor any particular political position.


  • To encourage free, open and constructive discussion on major issues confronting society.
  • To encourage development of views and standards which will benefit Australian society.
  • To encourage people of all ages to think about and discuss important social issues.
  • To publish as may be appropriate, viewpoints on major issues which will promote constructive public discussion.
  • To encourage Australian institutions in their efforts in confronting moral, ethical, social and theological issues.
  • To provide a venue for qualified persons to publicly present views and information on such issues as the MIAT may deem within its purview.




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