Sunday - Relationship Day



Many psychologists and mental health workers say that for a person to have good mental health she/he must have five persons whom they believe they can turn to if they have a problem. Those persons can be family, friends, neighbours, workmates or other.

Mental health in Australia is a growing problem, now better recognised, but undealt with if the number of suicides is an indicator.

The family should be the core basis of support but that is often not possible.

Social media would appear to be an important network but that can be illusory.

For a strong community there must be strong personal relationships – with family, with members of a church or other religious organisation, with neighbours groups, with sporting clubs, with charity groups or special interest groups such as gardening clubs, 4WD clubs.

In Australia there is growing commercial pressure to make Sunday an ordinary day of the week, and Governments are yielding to this commercial pressure.

Unfortunately, Governments tend to have “silo” thinking instead of holistic – they think about issues in simple terms without considering the negative ramifications.

There is no community value in reducing penalty rates for Sundays if that in turn makes Sundays an ordinary working day while it must inevitably make it more difficult for families to get together, for friends to meet, for the essential bonding for good mental health to take place.

Of course some people must work on Sundays but that should be kept to a minimum.

The MIAT position is that Sundays should be deemed “Relationship Days” where everyone is encouraged to use the day to strengthen existing relationships and to develop new ones.

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